Angel Embrace baby dolls bring comfort and companionship
to those living with Alzheimer’s / Dementia.

Doll Therapy

For individuals living with Alzheimer’s / Dementia, we have seen – and clinical studies have shown – that holding and caring for a baby doll can:

Provide Emotional Support
⦁ Produce a Calming Effect
⦁ Ease Loneliness
⦁ Encourage Purposeful Activity
⦁ Reduce Anxiety/Agitation
⦁ Improve Social Interactions/Communications

Take a few minutes to read these articles to learn more about the benefits to those living with dementia:

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Angel Embrace is a Missouri based 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization serving the greater St. Louis area.
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Angel Embrace hosts Adoption Parties at memory care facilities and nursing homes.
Angel Embrace Baby dolls

Angel Embrace baby dolls are purchased new and are available in various ethnicities.

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Our mother lived in a Memory Care Facility toward the end of her 95 years of life.
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Our baby dolls and all services are funded completely by donations.