Our Baby Dolls


  • Angel Embrace baby dolls are purchased new and are available in various ethnicities including Caucasian, African American, Asian and Hispanic.
  • Both girl and boy dolls are available.
  • The dolls are 20-inch dolls that have a soft cloth body making them easy to hold and cuddle.
  • These dolls are life size and therefore can wear newborn infant clothing.
  • The Angel Embrace Team and volunteers thoroughly wash the silicone portion of each doll.
Angel Embrace Baby dolls
Angel Embrace Baby dolls

Prior to distribution, the doll is adorned in its own unique, attractive clothing complete with headwear. The dolls are dressed in new or gently used infant clothing. All gently used clothing is washed in detergent that is 100% free of dyes and perfumes.
For the gentlemen, the dolls are generally dressed in local sports team or camouflage attire. Gentlemen often prefer to have the doll sitting in their room or watching the BIG GAME with them.

Angel Embrace Baby doll
Angel Embrace Baby doll

Each doll is given a name that is positive in meaning. The doll’s name appears on the Angel Embrace tag along with the name of the recipient (Adopted by). The dolls are accompanied by Adoption Certificates.

Prior to the Adoption Party, each doll is covered in prayer to bring Comfort, Companionship, Peace and Joy to the individual receiving the doll.

Baby with Adoption Certificate
Baby Name Tag